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over the years, i watched my dad transform into the indian bill o’reilly

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Because I fear that many AsAms today are forgetting our history of solidarity with black lives and black power.  

We must not forget. 

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I really hate how dismissive people are of vegans and vegetarians. Not eating meat isn’t inherently an elitist position even if some vegans/vegetarians act that way. The livestock and dairy industries aren’t only harming animals, it’s killing the earth. It’s the number one cause of global warming, deforestation, freshwater depletion, and is more likely to create antibiotic-resistant super bacteria than any other source. The people who bear the brunt of these problems, either as workers or community members, are most likely to be women, POC, and low-income. I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life and an environmental activist for years and the mainstream social justice community has got to get on this issue. People who are like ~lol vegans so annoying let me eat this steak in front of you~ are profoundly ignorant.

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water and food insecurity are not caused by overpopulation but the corporate stranglehold on science, agriculture and natural resources. overpopulation is also almost always used to solely talk about the responsibility of people who aren’t “like us” to stop having children. 

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